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Private clinic MEDISFÄÄR was opened in 1995. Since that time our clinic has obtained a circle of regular customers, who like a cozy atmosphere of our clinic, the variety of medical services, the lack of queues, the attentive and kind attitude of our doctors and medical personnel. We always welcome and appreciate every new patient. Our doctors, who have a constant and extensive practice, will offer you their services and you will certainly get a highly qualified help and exhaustive answers to all questions concerning your health. Read more...


Image 01 Clinic working hours:

Mon. - Fri.:8.00 - 19.00

Saturdays (twice a month):

9.00 - 15.00

(by prior appointment)
Image 01 Registration :

+372 65 30 133
+372 66 23 700


News for allergy sufferers!
The blooming season is almost here and the main problem of allergy sufferers - allergic rhinit will come with it. Don`t be afraid of this! Come to our clinic and we will help you! Make an appointment to otorhinolaryngologist by phone:
6530 133, 6623 700,
or email


Surgical procedure for altering the shape and size of the outer or inner labia. If you feel embarrassed because of undesired shape of the labia our surgical gynecologist will help you to solve this problem. Procedure costs 650 euro incl general anesthesia, 450 euro with local anesthesia. Please book a time and come for consultation
(tel 6530 133 ,


ENT specialists

In July, our clinic gained a new ENT specialist – Doctor Kristi Arefjeva, who graduated from University of Tartu and has extensive experience in treating otorhinolaryngological diseases, including surgical operations.

In August, another ENT specialist will join our staff: Doctor Triin Lont, who graduated from University of Helsinki and is also a treating and surgical doctor.


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+372 65 30 133
+372 66 23 700
Факс: (+372) 65 30 134

Tuukri 58, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia

Medisfäär AS Licence no. L02553