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- Doctors consultations
- Hearing and nose impairment
- Removal of tonsils, adenoids and polyps (adults and children)
- Nasal septal deformation correction


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 AS MEDISFÄÄR specializes in various  oral  and dental diseases. We  provide children and adults with highly qualified dental, surgical and prosthetic  services. 

Our experienced doctors - Dr. Jelena Maslova, Dr. Sirje Kruus and Dr. Tatyana Dmitriyeva provide our patients with the following services: 
- dental treatment 
- root canal treatment 
- Air-Flow  teeth cleaning 
- teeth whitening 
- surgical treatment 

Prosthodontology :

- dental crowns (different materials) 
- removable dentures 
- dental bridges (different technologies) 

Dr. Tatyana Dmitriyeva performs dental treatment under general  anesthesia for children and adults.

We are a contractual partners of an Estonian Health Insurance Fund.


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