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Dental treatment under general anesthesia

Indications for the treatment of teeth under anesthesia:

• Traumatic and painful dental surgery or other complex manipulation, when anesthesia is mandatory rather than recommended.
• Increased anxiety of a child (when out-of-the-box situations cause panic which cannot be eliminated through persuasion).
• Stomatophobia (past adverse experience of dental treatment, which causes a strong fear of visiting a dentist).
• Inability to apply local anesthesia (allergy to available anesthetics from this group).
• Dental treatment of children starting from 3 years (in our Clinic).
• Treatment of several teeth at the same time.
• Severe vomiting reflex.

Initial consultation:

Prior to setting the date of surgery, a little patient is brought to the Clinic for consultation, where s/he will be greeted by the professional dentist Tatjana Dmitrijeva, who has many years of experience in treating teeth in children under general anesthesia. The dentist who knows how to get in good with every child, regardless of his/her age, will examine a patient and ask him/her (his/her parents) some questions. Upon examination and talking, the doctor will either set the date of surgery or explain the contraindications to surgery.
In dentistry, there are a number of contraindications to anesthesia in children.

Here are the main ones:

• Any acute infectious diseases (including ARD).
• Recent vaccination.
• Acute lower respiratory tract diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.
• Weight deficit of body.
• Heart defects and heart failure in children.

During the procedure

Since dental treatment under anesthesia is aimed at minimizing discomfort for the child, the procedure is carried out so that the little patient does not see it as a ’dirty trick’ at all. The child is asked to breathe through the mask as if s/he is an austronaut or playing something else, after which s/he quietly falls asleep in the hands of his/her parent.

When the teeth are treated and the anesthesiologist makes sure that all vital signs are stable, the child is transferred from the surgery room to a soft couch where s/he wakes up in the presence of his/her parents. Thus, the child does not feel any discomfort and anxiety.

One session of anesthesia allows doctors to treat a large number of unhealthy teeth, thus saving time and nerves.

If you have the above indications for the treatment of teeth under general anesthesia, visit us with your child or yourself!

Our Clinic is a contractual partner of the Health Insurance Fund and therefore the treatment of teeth of children, residents of the Republic of Estonia, under age of 19 years, is fully covered by the Health Insurance Fund.

The cost of dental treatment under general anesthesia for adults depends on the required scope of treatment and the duration of anesthesia.

For children, the initial visit costs 5 EUR.

For adults, the consultation on dental treatment under anesthesia costs 15 EUR.


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